The HARDAB 7000 HF can be mounted on steel track, rubberized steel tracks or a wheeled carrier driven hydraulically, and radio remote operated.

The 7000 HF has a efficient hydraulic pipe handling system with a dump pipe basket (201 m / 670 ft capacity of 3.0” rods) incorporated onto the carrier
The rig ha a powerful 125 kW (170 HP) Perkins Engine
Rotary Gearbox provides up to 90 rpm with 6 500 N-m (4,800 ft-lb) torque.

The high gear ratio rotation head provides a great torque at 90 rpm. Really effective for Down-the –hole or Rotary Tricone drilling
4 m / 13 ft stroke drilling mast for 10’ rods

The rig has a foot-clamp with pipe wrench for holding and breaking drill string
The 7000 HF have seven (7) hydraulic oil filters including a water-absorbing filter to clean the hydraulic oil

High quality hydraulic components from manufacturers such as Parker and Sauer-Danfoss and experienced engineers plus adequate spare parts ready to provide you withe the best support ever.


Caractéristiques techniques

Rotary Head Tourqe: 5580 Nm
Rotary Head Speed: 0 – 85 RPM
Diesel Engine Power: 125 kW
Total Length: 5050 mm
Total Width: 2270 mm
Total Height: 2510 mm
Weight including drillpipes: 11900 kg
Drill Pipe Storage: (3 meters) 201 meters or 67 pcs
Quick Feed: 0,6 m/s
Feed Force: 35 kN
Pull Force: 70 kN
Max Total Hydraulic Oil Flow: 475 L/mi